Tip drills with a 10 pound medicine ball? Here’s the ball

Imam Abu Hanifah said about God Almighty https://www.replicahermes.net ^^^: And speak not as Kalmna We speak Balat of the exits and letters and God speaking with no illusions and letter

Imam Abu Hanifa said in his book the greatest jurisprudence (the word of God is not created .. Written in the Koran , Is read by the tongues preserved in the chests, ink and writing, and writing and reading are created because they are the deeds of the people. It is necessary to believe that God is the attribute of speech which is eternal, eternal, His word is the Almighty and not the successive letters as our Lord, He speaks with no letter and no voice and without tongue and lips as he speaks T, and his words, the Almighty is not Arabic or other language.

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