This means that if you have to move to another RDBMS later

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– And all the other children of Abu Talib become roaring and become in the back of the verses at the birth of a dead horse as fat. – Umm Ayman said his mother: What I saw in the verses of the birth at birth was never hungry starvation nor thirst small or large.

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Adam praying on the Prophet Muslim and blessed after the great peace

Reaching the pulley and the evening ** The pot of Lilac with your day always

In the case of Kaznk clean or updated ** or absent from humiliation Or wrongdoing

or you are bowed to you by beating ** or walking or sitting or standing

or alone you took her friends ** or I was filling the fumes wherever For the good and Zulfi who ** Make prayer for what he wants Salma

And repent to the Sheikh of the lost Vkdda ** Elderly knowledgeable and knowledgeable

Who forgot the prayer on the Prophet did not walk the path of the most beautiful
Not to mention the blessings of the Council ** The smells of the good sky horizon

And all the needs of the needy spend ** And facilitate the livelihood of the rich Land

and remove the evil and reveal Karba ** And enlightenment of blindness blindness
It is sufficient for you to pray for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Praise be to Allaah. Hanifah Muslim

On the road passes like lightning hidden

– ** In the city of Jerusalem with the highest fever

Peace and blessings be upon you What ** lightning shine in the dark and peace

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In the insight of Ibn al-Jawzi, he said: If some of the disobedient people were preaching or praising him, then one day he passed through the graves, and he saw a great man, He said, “O Mother, I want a meal of wool and tablets of barley, and do to me what I do with the servant who is older than his master. Perhaps my master will see me, and he will have mercy on me.” He said, “O my God, accept me, and have mercy on me. So I did what he asked, and if the night fell on him, he would cry and cry. Hermes Replica Bags

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