“This is where you’ll come when you

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“In past rounds of minimum wage increases, proposals sought chiefly to restore the value of the minimum wage lost to inflation over the decades,” said Paul Sonn, the general counsel and program director at the National Employment Law Project, a New York based group that supports raising the minimum wage. The increases in places like Seattle, Mr. Sonn said, go beyond playing catch up.

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A magnificent hotel with 5 star customer service. Fresh, bright with soaring ceilings in common areas, great restaurants, rooftop sunning area. Swimming pool and jacuzzi.

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But as grand as the experience can be, it’s the little gestures guests remember most. During that welcome tour of the property, one the private butlers points out the hotel’s intimate reception area. “This is where you’ll come when you, unfortunately, have to check out,” she says.

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One of the most intriguing aspects of the Montauk Monster was its relative proximity to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, located just a few miles away. It wasn’t exactly a leap to believe that the corpse was some sort of freak experiment gone horribly awry that heartless executives dumped into the ocean rather than burned, because apparently they skipped Biohazard and Covert Experiment Disposal Day at the Evil Workshop. Some argued that it was a genetic abnormality, some stuck by the aforementioned lab experiment theory, while still others (read: us) suggested that it was simply Jabba’s pet jerk monster from.

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