They’re football mad, too, regularly filling out the giant St

Nicknamed Geordies, the amicable locals famously love their nights out. They’re football mad, too, regularly filling out the giant St James’ Park stadium home of Newcastle United, or The Toon. But the city shatters many preconceptions.

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* Production workers are required at the Chipsi factory on 6 October and transit with a salary of 1550 for 26 working days and 1850 for 30 working days

* Conditions for applying for employment: 1 – Age 18 to 38 2. Reading and writing Required Qualification)

* For inquiries contact:
A / Mohamed 01090748755

* Company Address:
6th of October – Lailat Al Qadr Square – Al Majd Center Behind Ali Al Din Complex – Floor III. Office 12..

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