The guardian of the father of the Zahra in us – O mother of

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The chosen person goes away from the DNA and lives in his home, his other life
And come to the mother Zahra cry and did not really hurt the human suffering
see the chosen under the dishes of the rich and the link between Pak and Shak Qsamh back – calling and the heart burns on A parting for which it honors the flowers

What on the one who smelled the soil of Ahmed does not smell the length of time Ghawali
I inflicted on the calamities if it poured on the days of Aden nights
I asked your soul to put dust on the best of the Koran From the smell of the soil of Ahmed does not smell the length of time Ghawali – O mother of Hassan O Hanina guardian of the father of Zahra in us… The guardian of the father of the Zahra in us – O mother of those who know God come to us… God ???? ?????
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Hermes Replica Bags The mosque is called the Floating Mosque. The Red Sea waters flood it and surround it from each side. Water level suggests that the mosque
Source: Al Bayan
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