The day may come when the signature on your paycheck is your

Along our rugged coast of deep fjords and some 40,000 islands, anglers can find all five species of Pacific salmon; bottom fish like halibut, lingcod, or sablefish; and a remarkable 36 species of rockfish. Gaining in popularity are expeditions from ports on the west coast of Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii that venture far out into the open Pacific Ocean for albacore tuna. Central Coast archipelago, on Denny Island. Principally, a chaordic organization is aself organizing and self evolving entity, which ends up looking more like aneural network (like the Internet) than a hierarchically organized bureaucracyin which decision making power is centralized at the top and trickles downthrough a series of well regulated departments and managers. Chaordicorganizations do not fear change or innovation. They are, by their very nature,supremely adaptive. Some people are naturally charismatic; they just have this innate ability to engage people. If that is not something that you see in yourself the good news is that these qualities are something that you can cultivate. If there are some people in your world that you feel are experts at building relationships, observe them to see how they do it. As myflight instructor said when I was granted my first pilot license many yearsago, Nelson, you now have a license to learn. After the proudgraduation walk and the loving cheap jordans hugs of parents and friends, I hope you knowthat the freshly printed diploma offers no guarantees but it is a license tolearn. The day may come when the signature on your paycheck is your own..

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