She recanted her allegations a day later

After training with the Junkyard Dog, Begnaud made his professional wrestling debut in 1998 as Redd Dogg, and began competing for Southwestern independent promotions.[2]After working on the independent circuit, Mack signed on with Extreme Championship Wrestling in 2000, making his debut as a member of Da Baldies, a stable of members who all had bald heads.[6][7][8]After ECW’s closure, Begnaud was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment and was assigned to their developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. While in OVW, Begnaud formed a tag team with Shelton Benjamin called The Dogg Pound. Together, The Dogg Pound won their first and only Southern Tag Team Championship on July 17, 2002.[9] Begnaud, under his Redd Dogg ring name, then made his televised WWE debut on the January 16, 2003 episode of SmackDown!.[10] He was placed alongside John Cena in an enforcer role, replacing Bull Buchanan, who was betrayed by Cena.[11] After only one appearance on the SmackDown! brand, Begnaud was immediately moved over to the Raw brand and was subsequently renamed Rodney Mack.[11] He made his Raw debut by attacking D’Lo Brown on an episode of Sunday Night Heat, with Theodore Long switching his managerial services from Brown to Mack.[12][13]

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