Mobil: 01223431289-01201111681 – 01201111682 –

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pay only 40 thousand pounds and chose between
Hyundai nitra 2016
and premium up to 5 years
Only card image
All categories and all governorates
Ajaz and received in 24

All installment systems suitable for your income are available at the exhibition
Only card image for all categories and all governorates
Register your name, phone number, type of Arabic you dream of it and the installment system to suit your income on messages Exhibition page # Akkad_automotive < > The sales team will talk immediately or we can be honored to contact you on the following numbers: Address: 16 Dr. Mohamed Mandour St., N behind the fourth mosque Altip M. Nasr
Mobil: 01223431289-01201111681 – 01201111682 – 01095544401
Phone: 22602531 – 22602521.

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