It’s kind of sad to see everything is so empty and not much

Auto industry is out of firefighting mode, said Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting an LMC Automotive, a research company in suburban Detroit. Is an opportunity and an expectation for the shipping industry to see more activity out of this region. Rates for ships able to carry at most 6,500 cars will rise 4.1 percent to $25,500 a day next year, the highest since 2008, according to RS Platou Markets AS.

The commission faces a March deadline to come up with recommendations in response to the massacre at the Newtown elementary school over a year ago. To do that, the commission needs to know more about the killer. The state police should stop stalling and immediately release its full report on the crime a report said to amount to thousands of pages..

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La Tarte Tropezienne, established in 1955 by pastry chef Alexandre Micka, is the original home of the dessert that Bardot and the “Woman” film crew enjoyed. There are several La Tarte Tropezienne shops around town, but eating is only one of the sensory experiences that put St. Tropez on travelers’ itineraries.

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