If you are a do it yourselfer you need to consider several

(Dr. Ahmed Serioui Clinic for Family, Marital and Psychological Consultations)

* Where we deal with (family problems, emotional problems, marital problems, problems in parenting, violence, anxiety, depression, partner, love, emotional vacancy) Other Social Problems

************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* : – PhD in Sociology – University of McGraw – Washington – America – with a degree – PhD in appreciation of human leaders – the initiative of global leaders – PhD in NLP / American University of NLP and the Academy of Sovereignty – PhD training – Master in Sociology – McGraw University – Washington – USA – with a degree – Master of Neuro-linguistic Programming / American University of NLP and Academy of Sovereignty ******* ********************
– Member of the Union of Writers and Writers – Member of the Editorial Board of the Writer Magazine – International human development coach accredited by many organizations * **************************** ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* 360 – Floor 1 – Office No. 3
To inquire and booking a consultation family or marital Please call the following phone: 0795630308

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