I became a pretty “advanced” programmer

My artwork of Chinese calligraphy art 194cm*43cm

Welcome to my page on facebook : Shuoran’s Chinese calligraphy art

This is a famous ancient Chinese
Written on the Wall at West Forest Temple
Su Shi
From the side, a whole range; from the end, a single Far, near, high, low, no two parts Why can’t I tell the true shape of Lu-shan?
Because I myself am in the
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good mentor, Sanskrit kalya ^ n! Amitra, Pali kalya ^ n! A-mitta. Transliteration for the Jiali honey, Jiali honey Jialu Luo also. Refers to the integrity and virtue, can teach the right way people. Also as knowledge, good friends, relatives and friends, win friends, good relatives and friends. Conversely, those who teach evil are called evil knowledge. In the “yogis to theory. The local points of the thirteenth “(Dazheng possession of the thirtieth, volume twenty-five) that good knowledge should be sufficient for eight conditions. Good knowledge in the “yogis on the ground” is the name of “good friend.”
1, forbidden to stay with
2, endowed Tamon
3, can be evidence
4, multi sorrow Zhimin
5, with no tired
6, can be good Kanren < br> 7, no fearlessness 8, language consummation.
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