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# m?t_v?_b??i, the the, sweet sour sour, ? 170,000 – The University of Agriculture and Forestry
Welcome to the marmalade pomelo
is made according to special formula.
———————————————- < br> aroma: the light aroma of # grapefruit
Taste: sweet sour mild bitter the cool
……….. ????………………….. Color: white ivory, green shell, ornamental
////////////// //////// – ensure food safety and hygiene
“ `????????????????“““ ?Building: # food, #fatfat, slow down food uptake, # REDUCE_GOOD, more delicious when used with hot tea / tea, the product is almost a food ?????????????? Price: 170 000k / kg. gram trial

CONTACT US: INBOX OR NT, CALL 092 103 THANKS everyone has been
#mutvobu oi #vobuoi #mut_giam_can #mut_giam_can

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