All the listeners put this message in their hearts and said


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First Reading

Before the Lord’s Day, the Prophets Send Elijah to You

The Prophets Mkalake 3: 1-4; 4: 5-6 |

The Lord of armies said, “Look! I am going to send my messenger to you

I am sending my messenger to you.
patilura After

song Psalm 25: 4-
refrain: stand with their heads high; Your recovery is getting closer. 4 O Lord, let me know thy paths; Teach me your ways. 8 The Lord is good; Upright; So, do you teach sinners to the Lord? 10 To keep the covenant and the order of the Lord, all his paths are full of grace and faithfulness

Alleluia, Alleluia! The King of all, High Quality replica Bags the corner stone of the Church, to restore the man who created you from the dust

From the Gospel of Luke 1: 57-66

When he gave birth to a son, on the eighth day they came to circumcise the baby; But the mother said to them, “No, let’s name it John”
They said to him, “There is no one in your relative who is your relative.”? What did you want to do? “He asked for a note and asked if he wrote” this child’s name is John “. This message spread throughout the whole of Judea. All the listeners put this message in their hearts and said, “What is this baby?Kumo? “” This is the Gospel of Christ.

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Do you feel a quickening, as though there is no time to get things done, wondering where the hours went at the close of your day? There is currently a shattering of time as you begin to ascend to higher
Time is relative to your interest in an activity, as
You have the ability to warp time so it benefits you, without harming anyone
Following your intuition and gut feelings is your inner guidance leading you to experiences that you have set up through intentions and
Learn to observe what is happening around you and speak up or take action when you overhear a conversation, see a notice on a board that resonates with you, or any other synchronistic
You are encouraged to share this Please include the following when you do
Read or receive the Soul Connections by email on my blog:
Listen to the Soul Connections:
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