About 2,000 dosas fly off the counter every day

Made of a locally available green leaf mixed in the batter, this dosa is best had with a dollop of ghee and lime pickle, and washed down with a cup of filter coffee. About 2,000 dosas fly off the counter every day. The place is crowded from 5pm to 10pm and the queue bears testimony to its popularity.The Central Tiffin Room or CTR, in Malleswaram, is another low key corner that’s been around for over half a century.

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17, the switchboard was overloaded, he said.”The https://www.cheapbeltr.com phone was literally ringing every minute, constantly with customers,” he said. “We know that all the calls were not getting through. Our system was overloaded and many residents were unable to get through.”Stinson said he recognized that as a huge problem, and he said the agency would be looking at potential ways to ensure residents are able to get through to staff during future emergencies no matter how many calls come into the switchboard.Of the calls that did make it through, the majority were related to homeowners complaining of no running water or broken or frozen pipes, Stinson said.”Water was not flowing, so they would turn on the tap and nothing would come out,” he said.

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